Why I Never Raised My Hand In School

Growing up I always had this fear: fear of being branded unintelligent. Having a dad who told me that my short and fat fingers were for the intelligent ones, I always felt like a genius. I probably did not say much or raise my hand in school, but that was reflected in my grades.

In school I never raised my hand to answer a question the teacher asked. Not because I did not know the answer, but because I was silently hoping in my mind that my answer was the best answer. True to my thoughts, my answer was always the best (okay, not all the times). This saw me give myself a standing ovation. I do admit that sometimes I never really had an answer in mind.

I was my own celebrity and fan and I loved it that way. The only time I would raise my hand is when I had a question to ask. That is the only time I never had the fear of appearing stupid. As long as my thirst for the right information was quenched it never mattered.

While not raising my hand in class would seem like a selfish action, it really wasn’t. I do not talk much, but for someone who has known me for a long time would blatantly scream ‘liar’ after reading that. Why? I get comfortable after analysing how someone takes on some things said.

Flash forward to my current life, I still never raise my hand when a question is thrown to everyone. Unless I am picked my answer remains within my mind waiting to be approved. I am still afraid of appearing dumb and even if I am still on the journey of knowing something about everything, I dare not risk raising my hand.

Active participation! My teacher always said. But she never gave tips on how to especially for someone whose fear was stronger than the need to actively participate.

Even with all this, I have never hidden any information from anyone who sought it. I do love attention, hence explaining my inability to speak when everyone else is speaking. But I prefer a one man show, the feeling of content after having answered someone else’s questions.

The bottom line; the people in power scare the shit out of me and that is why I work hard to be powerful in the future. I believe that is the only way I will ever get over the fear of appearing foolish or dim-witted.


Sample Cover Letter: Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Are you struggling to write your Data Entry Cover letter?

Here’s a sample:

Johnson Job Seeker,
P.O. Box 456- 00100,

18th December 2014

The Human Resource Manager,
ABC Company,
P.O. Box 234-00100,
Dear Sir/Madam,


In response to your advertisement for a Data entry Clerk position on XYZ Newspaper on 30th November 2014, I wish to forward my application. My educational background and 2 years experience make me an ideal candidate for the position.

Working at leading Banks in the country has given me the experience in use of mobile data collection such as ODK and handling research data. Having pursued a Diploma in Information Systems, I have excellent analysis skills coupled up with a typing speed of 50 words per minute. Additionally as per your requirements, I can follow pre-set systems of data encoding and ensure compliance to protocols set for data entry process manual form entries.

My admirable communication skills, business software skills and organizational skills give me the confidence that you will find me worthy of the job. I can take up any administrative duties and complete them within a given time period . I’m also capable of handling multiple tasks which are extremely important as a data entry clerk.

I look forward to further discussions regarding my qualifications. I can be reached at 0712 XXXXXX for any clarifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Johnson Job Seeker.

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“There is no greater agony than bearing
An untold story inside you”
Maya Angelou

I turned 24, August 7th and I am not happy, don’t get me wrong it’s not because I am growing older but something quite different.I will graduate this year with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication.In school I was taught so many things but there is one thing they didn’t teach me and that’s how to become wealthy.I feel like there is more to life. I feel the want, the burning desire to be free, independent, powerful, respected just to be my own boss. I have this fiery desire to be rich in an excess of 10 million pounds. To travel the world, experience different cultures, meet different people, spend time with my family and make a difference in the world. When a stone is thrown in water it makes ripples, all…

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I Make No Apologies For The Way I Am

I make no apologies for the way I am.
Yes! I may be intelligent, rude, careful, arrogant, nice, loving, warm, emotional or cranky but I will not apologize for that.

I will not apologize for being me and expressing me.
I will not apologize for giving an honest expression in regards to how you handled me.
I will not apologize for saying what is in my heart and clearing my conscience.
I will not apologize for the way I look. If you are uncomfortable looking at me then turn away don’t look. If you feel that I should be slimmer or have a bigger bosom those are your problems not mine.

I will not apologize for making decisions that involve my life.
I will not apologize for kicking you out of my life. If you did not serve any purpose in my life then it’s your problem not mine.
I will not apologize for the times I have cried my eyeballs out because I was hurt and frustrated or just plain moody because that’s me.
I will not apologize for allowing myself listen to your lies and go with the flow because I know in life such has to come by.

I will not apologize for loving cartoons and being a zombie because of them.
I will not apologize for the clothes I wear, my body image my business.
I will not apologize for being disinterested in politics; why do I need politicians?
I will not apologize if my opinion does not make your heart sing; it is just an opinion deal with it
I will not apologize for being lovely, loving and kind to people; that’s my virtue
I will not apologize for loving and getting heartbroken

I will not apologize for my life
I will not apologize for making wrong decisions concerning my future
I will also not apologize for not calling you lately; I cannot always make contact every time
I will not apologize for my love of art and my inability to make good drawings.

I make no apologies for the negative view you have of me; that’s just your opinion
No apologies will be made for being all that I am in every essence
Lastly I will not apologize for being a mother, daughter, niece, granddaughter and sister to the ones I love and for being a child of God

She Was My Life Changer

This Friday I choose to be grateful for everything i have done in my life; the good, the bad, the unfortunate and the stupid.

Yes! I have made mistakes in this life. Mistakes that have seen my dignity lost in some of my elders.

It was a mistake to many but i am proud to say that it is the best thing in my life. It is what makes me wake up before 6 am. It is what puts a smile on my face when things go haywire.

The first day I saw her I knew she was my life changer. She changed so many things in my life; she gave me strength and hope.

I was weak but with her I have learnt to stand tall and defend myself. I used to think hell would rain on me but she was the umbrella in the unexpected rain.

She was my sun when the storm threatened to never clear. You ever heard of that light at the end of the tunnel? That is what she is; my light.

The love I have for her is eternal. She may go wrong at times and it pains my heart when I discipline her. It hurts me to see her tears but i do it because at the end of it all I want to mould a strong respectable woman out of her.

I do have so many dreams for her. Dreams that would make her gasp with excitement. Dreams that would make every parent proud. Even if she doesn’t pursue my dreams for her, i know she will pursue the best dreams suitable for her.

All in all I feel happy that she is in my life and every day i want her to know that i love her so much.

Confessions of a Working mother.

Today I was late for work. I felt the need to stay in the house longer because I rarely spend time with my daughter nowadays. I kept hoping that if I hit the teaspoon against my cup she would wake up, say hi and then go back to sleep…all my efforts failed. She slept on as soundly as she had during the night.

When I started this internship I did not think that it would bring a gap between me and her. For those few months I stayed with her after clearing school we invested in a strong bond and I said to myself that it would never be broken. Those are the days when she would come home from school and make me a list of her friends. I am proud to say that in her category of ‘home friends’ I was her number one friend. And when her school friend hurt her feelings I happily shifted to being the number one friend in school. It was utter bliss for me! Oh how I miss those days.

I mostly loved it when she was bored with playing and she comes to the house to simply tell me that she loves me. “Mami nakupenda!” she would say as she hugged me and ran out of the house to continue with her mischief. When she said those words it melted my heart into sweetness and I felt proud; proud to be a mother of a young soul who never cared about the world.

Now I am working and I rush home everyday just a few minutes before she sleeps so that she tells me she loves me and kisses and hugs me goodnight. Even after a long day I feel blessed to have that sleepy smile and tight hug.

With work come other problems. I know her pretty well and how she handles her emotions. If I am not there she will simply ignore my absence and turn her attention to my mother who she calls “Mum”. For her it’s an out-of-sight-out-of-mind situation. Now I have to work so hard and show her that that bond we had is still there. I want to tell her that she can be sure she can count on me for anything. After all we have always been there for each other back when I was at home. We were the best home buddies.

A week ago she told me that she is tired of waking up in the morning and spending the whole day looking for me while waiting for me to get home. She asked why I go and why I can’t stop making her suffer. I was surprised more when she told me that I was ill-mannered for letting her go through all that trouble of waking up and not finding me in the house. I did try to explain but she is more interested in when I will spend time with her again.

I wish she could understand that I am trying to make life easier for us…That I want us to move into that house she saw a picture of on my phone. If I tell her now she will ask why we aren’t moving yet. She is 3 and a half now but she has the mind of a six year old. I try to handle her in the best way hoping that all will be well even as I work and I look forward to more I love you’s from her.