My Unspoken

2014-07-21 21.15.00

I was born human,

feeling all the emotions a being should feel.

I laughed , cried, felt sad, delighted, excited and sometimes confused with an upsurge of emotions.

then you came along…


They say ‘heaven comes to earth’ and with you that is how i felt,

whenever you went away it was winter in summer and i always cried because i missed you every minute,

even in your presence i still felt alone, because i knew in a few hours time i would be all alone,

its how you made me feel,

the completeness that made me feel wanted and full of life.


Back then life was worth it and life was long,

Who needed to be cautious of the future yet you were there?

The future did not matter as much as the present mattered,

the gifts, the chocolates made me sweet and bubbly always.

they said that it was just a way to confine me into your circle.


The clouds did gather,

and my eyes did see every wrong thing that happened,

but my heart was too blind;

It was already confined.

The laughter and joy turned to sorrow and tears,

More tears and tears till my body could not express more.


It was stormy and cloudy,

I could not see yet i could here your voice.

I cried in the darkness stretching my hand:

Hoping and waiting that you would my hero,

Even when i felt your hand hold mine i knew it wasn’t right.


Now all the voices came back to me,

Mama had told me to be careful,

but young me never listened,

‘It was my time to experience these things’ i said.


With no more tears i could only look up to the sky and wait for a sunny day,

I was sure that before those sunny days ever came i would face more stormier days,

Bleach cannot get rid of a stain fast,

i had to give myself time;

Time to look for tools to break down the walls of your circle:

It took a lot of energy and i gave up most of the times.

even when i had other thoughts,

her life was more important and i had to get out soon.


Ever been blind then you see again?

I felt that when i finally broke out to freedom.

That’s a past i wish to erase slowly .



I do not wish you dead but I wish you suffer from amnesia and forget me like I did you, because at the end of it all, i did not bruise my hands and drain my tear glands for you to invade my paradise.


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