CV Mistakes HR Managers Want You To Avoid in 2015

Your qualifications are useless if you do not have a well crafted CV. Many qualified candidates lose out on opportunities because they make petty mistakes on their CVs.

 Here are top CV mistakes to avoid in 2015:

1. Typing errors
You have probably heard about this frequently, but Christine Muriuki, a HR Officer at MultiChoice lists this as her first mistake.

To fix this, it is advisable to have someone else proof read your CV as they will easily identify any mistakes. Typing errors portray you as someone who is not keen to details.


Do not let employers reject your CV this year

2. Not listing your job responsibilities
After putting down the company name, position you held and the duration of time in a position you move on to the next position without enlisting your responsibilities. Ms. Muriuki ascertains that this is a common mistake.

Most recruiters are interested in knowing the scope of your role and seeing the evidence of what you achieved in your role. Ensure you list your responsibilities.

3. Lengthy CV
“Such CVs are irritating as one takes time when reading through them,” states Ms. Muriuki.

As much as you wish to let the HR know of what you have accomplished so far, let your CV be at a maximum of three pages. On the contrary, a CV can only be longer if you are at a senior management level.

4. One CV for all job applications
Ms. Muriuki is quick to add that some candidates use one CV for all job applications and sometimes forget to change some details such as names and addresses.

This also portrays you as unenthusiastic about the position applied for.

Ms. Muriuki suggests that you should match your CV to the job description so as to attract the employer and have it picked easily from the large pile of CVs.

5. Lies
As Laszlo Bock, Google’s Head of HR, says, “People lie about their degrees, grades and where they went to school. People also lie about how long they were at companies or their sales results, all in their favour.”

Her two cents: Honesty is the best policy. A lie on a CV can ruin your chances of getting hired or staying hired since employers will and can verify every detail you put down.

If you are still dreaming of the perfect job yet you have a poor CV, you are building castles in the air. It is time to work on your CV and avoid the above mistakes.

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