She Was My Life Changer

This Friday I choose to be grateful for everything i have done in my life; the good, the bad, the unfortunate and the stupid.

Yes! I have made mistakes in this life. Mistakes that have seen my dignity lost in some of my elders.

It was a mistake to many but i am proud to say that it is the best thing in my life. It is what makes me wake up before 6 am. It is what puts a smile on my face when things go haywire.

The first day I saw her I knew she was my life changer. She changed so many things in my life; she gave me strength and hope.

I was weak but with her I have learnt to stand tall and defend myself. I used to think hell would rain on me but she was the umbrella in the unexpected rain.

She was my sun when the storm threatened to never clear. You ever heard of that light at the end of the tunnel? That is what she is; my light.

The love I have for her is eternal. She may go wrong at times and it pains my heart when I discipline her. It hurts me to see her tears but i do it because at the end of it all I want to mould a strong respectable woman out of her.

I do have so many dreams for her. Dreams that would make her gasp with excitement. Dreams that would make every parent proud. Even if she doesn’t pursue my dreams for her, i know she will pursue the best dreams suitable for her.

All in all I feel happy that she is in my life and every day i want her to know that i love her so much.